General Terms & Condition

1. Booking

a ) Every booking is confirmed in writing / by e-mail or by telephone, provided we have received it 24 hours before the start of the journey

b )When booking < 8 hours before departure, the telephone confirmation is binding.

c )Intermediaries (travel agency) assume no liability.

d )The booking is binding for all participants named when booking.

2. Cancellation

The client can cancel free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the journey, after that 100% of the fare will be charged as cancellation costs.

3. Fare

a ) Unless otherwise agreed, the fare is to be paid immediately in cash or by credit card.

b) The fare includes passenger transport with normal luggage (1 piece of luggage per passenger), bulky goods (skis, diving equipment, fishing rods, etc.) require our approval, but are free of charge after approval as long as no trailer is required.

4. Return trip

a ) The passengers are picked up by the driver at the meeting point at the respective gate of the terminal (observe the sign). If no driver has appeared 3/4 hour after arrival (time according to order confirmation), consultation must be held by calling (0163 – 250 47 54). The meeting point after landing at the airport can also be arranged by telephone.

5. Waiting period

a) The free waiting time from the airport is max. 60 minutes (arrival time according to order confirmation).

The free waiting time from home or office is max. 15 minutes,

b) Waiting times can arise if a flight arrives at the airport early or late.

c ) If subsequent orders are already pending, these will be given priority and waiting times that are reasonable cannot be ruled out.

d ) If the date is changed without consulting us, the passenger has no right to transport, reimbursement of costs or reduction.

e) A journey is deemed not to have started if the user or passenger does not show up at the agreed pick-up location within 30 minutes of the agreed pick-up time without canceling. Trips that are not taken are to be paid for in full, but any waiting time surcharges do not apply.

6. Failure

a )In the event of disruptions to the normal process due to force majeure (weather, traffic, breakdown), there is no right of recourse against us. In the event of a vehicle breakdown, we will try to transport the passengers on at our expense.

7. General

a ) Passengers are responsible for taking out additional insurance themselves.

b )We assume no liability for legal claims in the event of delays that are beyond our control. For the guest, this means that we are responsible for determining the pick-up time. If the guest requests a different pick-up time than suggested by us, the risk passes to the guest. We transport our guests to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure.

8. Expenses

a )For journeys of more than 1000 km or 10 hours, 130 € per day and overnight stay/s will be charged.

9. Tour Operators / Airlines

a ) The respective terms and conditions of the tour operator and airline apply.

10. Conclusion of contract

By submitting the completed booking form via the booking tool or by telephone to FSS Transfer GmbH, the user submits an offer to conclude an agency contract (“user’s travel request”). The subject of this contract is the procurement of the driving service desired by the user.
FSS Transfer GmbH sends the user a confirmation of receipt by e-mail with the details of the driving service to be procured. With this, FSS Transfer GmbH only confirms receipt of the user’s travel request.
The agency agreement between FSS Transfer GmbH and the user for the desired travel service only comes into existence through a separate declaration (“booking confirmation”) by FSS Transfer GmbH via e-mail. The user is then entitled directly to the driving service provider to demand the driving service itself and to assert further claims directly to the driving service provider.

11. User’s obligation to register to use the booking tool

The user warrants to FSS Transfer GmbH that all information that he or another person transmits to FSS Transfer GmbH on his behalf is complete and correct. Registrations using automated procedures are prohibited.